As part of the Open Raleigh initiative, the City plans to establish an open data catalog allowing access to city data sets in standard, open ways for technical and non-technical users.

We need your input and ideas about applications and information that you would use. Your input will help us identify and prioritize data sets for publication.

We can only provide data sets for the information maintained by the City of Raleigh. The City does not maintain school, election, or tax information. The information Raleigh maintains is related to these services:
City of Raleigh Budget
Parks and Recreation
Solid Waste Services
Water,Sewer and Stormwater

app would notify citizens that SWS was late or not coming to pickup waste or recycling etc.

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Jason Hibbets over 5 years ago

I was just thinking about this the other day. I thought it would be interesting to see recycle, trash, and yard service trucks in real-time on their routes.


Jen Wike over 5 years ago

There have been many weeks, more recently that ever before, that trash and/or recycling has not been picked up for my apartment complex. And this is a problem I am seeing more frequently on my neighborhood listserv.

Moses S 14 days ago

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