As part of the Open Raleigh initiative, the City plans to establish an open data catalog allowing access to city data sets in standard, open ways for technical and non-technical users.

We need your input and ideas about applications and information that you would use. Your input will help us identify and prioritize data sets for publication.

We can only provide data sets for the information maintained by the City of Raleigh. The City does not maintain school, election, or tax information. The information Raleigh maintains is related to these services:
City of Raleigh Budget
Parks and Recreation
Solid Waste Services
Water,Sewer and Stormwater

Shane x almost 6 years ago

How about combining all this data together to come up with economic analysis to determine how funds could be better utilized? For example, sprucing up a park in one area will increase land value by a larger percentage vs another.. Maximizing the use of tax payer funds??

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Jack McCaw over 5 years ago

Data mining in order to get this information out would possibly require speculation. The economic analysis model is also pretty hard core to code. Still needs a human being to be in the mix.

I took a look at the data available; can't really see it providing enough granuality yet. Nice idea though.

Jason Nelson at June 09, 2018 at 3:28am EDT

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Phill E Jones at June 09, 2018 at 5:30am EDT

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